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Derek Ogden

Partner, VP Law Enforcement Relations

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Retired Chief Superintendent, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Formerly Director-General, Organized Crime and Drugs Program. Public company board member and experienced executive officer. Derek is an accomplished law enforcement, security and compliance expert.​

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Derek Ogden served the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the rank of Chief Superintendent, Director General of  Drug Enforcement, Organized Crime Specialized Task Forces, Witness Protection, Source Development and Undercover Operations.

Key in this role was the responsibility for establishing and fostering strong working relationships with numerous government and law enforcement agencies both nationally and internationally and benchmark reporting to senior government officials. Derek also has years of experience operating in the international community, across jurisdictional lines and in situations where multiple agencies have an interest.

Derek has also provided his expertise and experience to both public and private companies, including start-up and established industries.

Upon his retirement from the RCMP, Derek founded Obsidian Consulting and Investigation, a firm specializing in high level, discreet investigations for government and corporate clients and other related consulting services.


Derek is often called upon to support Human Resource Departments with complex investigational tasks and to provide specialized assistance to law firms and high tech companies with digital security and the protection of intellectual property.

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