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Unlocking value through ethics-first investing.

Ethical Capital Partners (ECP) is a private equity firm managed by a multi-disciplinary advisory team with legal, regulatory, law enforcement, public engagement, capital markets and investment banking experience.


We seek out investment and advisory opportunities in industries that require principled ethical leadership. ECP invests in opportunities that focus on technology, have legal and regulatory complexity and that put a value on transparency and accountability.


ECP’s philosophy is rooted in identifying properties amenable to our responsible investment approach and that have the potential to create attractive returns over a compelling time horizon.

Ethics-first investing

A multi-disciplinary advisory team

We seek out investment opportunities in industries that require principled ethical leadership. We do not shy away from legal and regulatory complexity. We deliver value for investors by prioritizing trust, safety and compliance. 

The ECP team is well-equipped to navigate complex investing challenges. 


Our strength is rooted in our diverse backgrounds. With expertise in private and public investing, regulatory compliance, communications and law enforcement. Moreover, with each investment we make, our team continues to grow our real world practical experience that is critical to helping our partners create value.  Advising corporations in this manner provides us with up to date knowledge of various industries which informs our investment decisions and sets us apart. 


We know that a proactive approach to compliance means more than just following the rules. Our legal expertise, combined with our team's experience in government relations and law enforcement, allows us to plot a course forward in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. 

Areas of interest

  • Online trust and safety

  • Content creation

  • Digital spaces 

  • Payment processing

  • Streaming video on demand

  • Advertising platforms 

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